Project Overview

  • Project: Fargo Membrane WTP and Improvements
  • Owner: City of Fargo
  • Client: Alberici Construction
  • Location: Fargo, ND USA
  • Capacity: 14 MGD
  • Start-up: 2018
  • Application: Municipal, drinking water

SWT has been contracted under the owner’s general contractor to design, fabricate, test and supply seven, shop assembled RO trains of 2.1 MGD each.  Since specifications required that these skids be preassembled to the maximum extent possible prior to shipping, special attention was required during the design phase to achieve the most compact and ergonomic  design possible to minimize overall dimensions.  These trains are still a massive 54 vessels and 12 tons. The SWT project manager and fabricators did an amazing job meeting the contractual obligation to deliver trains nearly fully assembled to site.

The units were fabricated two at time, shop tested,  then permeate manifolds removed and all parts carefully packaged for the 1,800 mile journey to Fargo. The last two skids went through final QA/QC in November 2017 and were sent to site. SWT will arrive on site in December 2017 to assist the contractor with installation supervision.

Commissioning of the new state of the art water treatment plant is scheduled to commence  during the first quarter of 2018 with a grand opening in July 2018. The plant is anticipated to be a show place for the City of Fargo and all the suppliers and contractors that were involved with its construction.