SWT is a Gold Sponsor at the ALADYR Seminar in Lima, Peru

By July 30, 2018News
swt is a gold sponsor at the aladyr seminar in lima, peru

SWT is a gold sponsor for the upcoming ALADYR Desalination & Water Reuse Seminar in Lima, Peru, August 8-9. ALADYR’s purpose is to promote, protect and develop technologies and projects in desalination and water treatment, water reuse and low consumption standards for sustainability and environmental respect by bringing people together to share their knowledge and experience in order to deliver a better water future for Latin America and the rest of the world.

As a global provider of desalination, water treatment and wastewater treatment systems, SWT is active in the South and Latin American market and will showcasing our experience and capabilities. We will also be presenting the dissolved air flotation technologies designed and manufactured by KWI, a member of the SafBon Group.  Dissolved air flotation (DAF) systems clarify wastewater and surface waters by using micro bubbles to separate solids and facilitate the removal of fats, oils and suspended solids. SWT is incorporating the KWI DAF systems into our product offerings as stand alone treatment systems for wastewater and potable water production as well as pretreatment for desalination and reverse osmosis plants. You can visit the KWI France site to download technical specifications.

Also a member of the SafBon Group is ItN Nannovation, manufacturers of ceramic flat-sheet ultrafiltration membranes. The CFM Systems® technology with ItN´s Ceramic Flat Membranes, Ceramic Ultrafiltration, Ceramic UF and ItN’s process know-how covers a wide range of filtration applications with specific treatment and removal targets. ItN’s Ultrafiltration membranes are Ceramic Flat Membranes with an average pore size of 0.2 µm, which are designed in a very compact UF module and can eliminate TSS, Bacteria, Algae, Red Tide, Oil & Grease/Hydrocarbons, TOC/COD. ItN has developed many patented processes, which offers complete solutions combined with ultrafiltration membranes and can remove heavy metal and toxic material as radium, arsenic and cyanide from water or sewage.

Visit us at the ALADYR conference to involve SWT in your next water or wastewater treatment project.

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