Celebrating Success in Gaza

By March 7, 2019News

All projects come to an end but celebrating the successful completion of a project in Gaza is special. SWT was contracted by MACC to provide a complete desalination plant for the Middle Area Desalination Plant Expansion in Gaza under a USAID contract. The twenty-four-month project was not without challenges in this volatile area. SWT worked closely with our client, MACC, and USAID to assist and work through logistical challenges of the area. We are happy to report as of January 31st, 2019, the plant has been successfully commissioned and handed over to the Palestine Water Authority to operate.

SWT was the sole process equipment provider on this one million gallon per day project. Our scope included all instrumentation, electrical, and pumping equipment for the beach well system. The three submersible beach well pumps bring 1,682 gpm of seawater from the Mediterranean Sea to the pretreatment system. Pretreatment consists of low-pressure feed pumps and multi-media filters. The pretreatment and air scouring systems in their entirety was designed and supplied by SWT. The water treatment system consists of two (2) first  pass SWRO and two (2) second pass BWRO. The plant is complete with high pressure feed pumps with VFD, Energy Recovery Device and all associated equipment and instrumentation.

The two-pass seawater RO system has 30 vessels in the first pass, single stage and a 6:4 array in the dual stage, second pass. This plant was built using a modular RO train design, so the system was completely shop assembled in Tampa, Florida and then shipped to site in containers.

SWT supplied the full MCC and electrical system tying the whole plant together. This 1 MGD plant is providing much needed water for the Palestinian people. During the contracted 150 day commissioning period, the SWT senior field service engineer worked with the owners’ contractor carrying out installation inspections, powering up and bump tests including the final readiness of the PLC program.

Gaza pumps
Gaza multi-media prefilters to SWRO
gaza finished water
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