Ceramic Ultrafiltration, CFM Systems

Ceramic Ultrafiltration packed into a Comprehensive Product Program – the Perfect Solution for your Water & Wastewater Ultrafiltration

Ceramic Flat Membrane, ItN’s novel CFM Systems® forUltraFiltrationItN’s CFM Systems®, Ceramic Flat Membrane, combines the advantages of an asymmetric inorganic filter with a submerged flat membrane filter. This advanced design allows an unprecedented filtration performance with extremely cost-effective economics for different application fields.


  • Drinking Water, Ceramic Ultrafiltration
  • RO & Sea Water Pretreatment, Ceramic Membrane
  • Arsenic Removal with Ceramic UF
  • Industrial Wastewater Treatment by Ceramic UF
  • Municipal Wastewater Treatment with Ceramic Membrane
  • Greywater Treatment by Ceramic UF
  • Radium Removal with Ceramic Membrane
  • Cyanide & COD Removal by Ceramic UF

Product Advantages

  • High performances for flux and water recovery rates
  • Ceramic membrane material offers superior mechanical, thermal and chemical durability
  • Long membrane life time
  • Very wide range of applications
  • Easily sizable from small test and mobile units to large scale industrial facilities

Our Core Product: Filtration Module T-Series, Ceramic UF Modules

Several single membrane plates are potted together into a single filtration module. Module dimensions, filter area per module, the distances between the plates as well as the number of ceramic plates are optimized for a wide range of applications and allow for a very modular and customized solution.

ceramic ultrafiltration

Comparison of Ceramic Ultrafiltration Membranes with Polymeric and Sand Filters

More than 3–5 x prolonged lifetime
Up to 2–10 x higher flux rate
More than 50% less chemical ingredients for chemical cleaning
98% capacity utilization
More than 50% lower labor costs for maintenance
More than 50% lower energy costs
Significantly higher heat, pressure and chemical tolerance