SafBon specializes in utilizing Hi-tower external regeneration technology and pre-coat powdered resin systems for condensate polishing applications. With this advanced technology, SafBon has supplied close to 80 sets of such installations for power plants in China and overseas.

Powder Coated Technology

condensate polishing powder coated technology

The features of the powder coated filter includes: large operating capacity; effective removal of corrosion products from the condensate circuit with ferric oxide removal rates of 95% or higher.

Powder coated filter utilizes powdered resin with high regeneration rates. This resin is coated on the filter element surface and can be used both for ultrafiltration (UF) and ion exchange.

We also can use this technology to treat oily condensate with powdered activated carbon demonstrating a variety of successful applications. SafBon provides: cation or anion powdered resin, fiber powder and proportionally mixed powdered resin matched with powder coated filter; special wound yarn cartridges in a range of sizes and cores.

Hi-Tower Regeneration Technology

condensate polishing hi tower regeneration

The condensate polishing system is installed between the condensate pumps and low pressure feed water heaters. Spherical or cylindrical deep bed polishers operating at velocities > 100m/hr are commonly used to remove dissolved ions.

The Hi-tower separation method is employed in the external regeneration system when the degree of cross-contamination (i.e., cation resin exposed to caustic and anion resin exposed to acid during the regeneration phase) must be kept to a minimum. This improves the quality of treated condensate. With the high vessel separation system, the cross-contamination percentage can be minimized, producing very low ion leakage from the resin and very high polished condensate quality.

Hi-tower regeneration system combines the resin separation tower (SPT), the cation resin regeneration tower (CRT), the storage tower, the anion resin regeneration tower (ART) and the other auxiliary equipment such as flush pump, roots blower, acid (alkali) storage and dosing equipment etc.

Deep Bed Condensate Polishing System

condensate polishing

The patented Hi-tower separation technology has the following features:

  • bullet droplet blue md Unique design of the collector at the bottom of the mixed bed vessel ensuring resin transfer rates of more than 99.99%.
  • bullet droplet blue md Unique design of the regeneration device avoids flow concentration and ensures stable resin interface.
  • bullet droplet blue md Resin interface detector ensures high resin separation rate. Rate of anion resin contained in cation resin is less than 0.1% and the rate of cation resin within anion resin is less than 0.07%.
  • bullet droplet blue md High separation rate ensures long hydrogen cycle and ammonia cycle runs.

To protect the deep bed polishers against incoming suspended solids, pre-filters are available based on the requirements of the main equipment specifications. SafBon can also provide pleated filter elements and filter strainers.