Containerized Seawater Reverse Osmosis System Shipping to Site

By October 4, 2019News

SafBon Water Technology through a partnership of our parent company SafBon, has successfully designed, fabricated and is now shipping a complete seawater reverse osmosis system to a water agency in Central America. The system will produce much-needed drinking water to the people of the country. The containerized design allows for fast installation and protection of the equipment from the elements.

The prefiltration system consists of six, 56” diameter dual media filters, backwash pump, and antiscalant dosing system. There are two seawater reverse osmosis units, each producing 310,000 gallons per day of product water. Each system is complete with all chemical feed systems, cartridge filters, pumps with VFD and energy recovery devices.

The air-conditioned container systems have been expertly fabricated, assembled and tested in the Shanghai facility of SafBon. SWT field service engineers will meet the equipment on-site in Central American for installation, commissioning and training of the owner’s personnel.

Containerized and mobile systems are a specialty of SWT. We have vast experience in designing systems to operate from within a 20’ or 40’ shipping container. These can be modified to be put on trailers or have office and storage space, drastically cutting on-site construction costs.

SWT also has the ability to engineer very large systems that break down into modular pieces that can be shipped to the site in a container and then erected into place for a larger footprint. This method allows for more work to be performed in the fabrication shop and a great level of protection during shipment. Contact SWT today to find out we can help you with your next water project.

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