SafBon Water Technology (SWT) provides various types of demineralization systems to meet the requirements for ultrapure water. SWT system meet the technical requirements for industrial plant water.

Ion Exchange

The demineralization water package removes target cations and anions present in the process water. Ions are interchanged with hydrogen and hydroxide ions from the ion exchange polymer resin as water flows through the resin bed. The cation exchange tower removes scaling ions such as calcium and magnesium as well as sodium ions. Following cation removal, the anion exchange tower completely demineralizes the water by removing anions such as sulfate, bicarbonate, chloride.

The MBE (Mixed Bed Ion Exchanger) contains an intimate mixture of strong acid cation (SAC) and strong base anion (SBA) resins, which remove dissolved salts from solution in exchange for hydronium or hydroxide ions. This process removes residual dissolved salts to produce extremely pure water and neutralizes the feed water simultaneously.

SWT has successfully delivered ion exchange system meeting unique project specifications and customer needs for the clients in power production and chemical processing industries.

Electrodeionization (EDI)

The EDI system is to remove dissolved salts from the feed water to a level acceptable for use as boiler feeds. The EDI system consists of cation and anion exchange membranes installed in stacks for space savings and ease of operation.

SWT has delivered EDI systems for clients in domestic and international power industries.