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SafBon Water Technology, under its fomer name of Doosan Hydro Technology, LLC, completes a water treatment plant for ammonia/urea production in Mary, Turkmenistan. The complex, with a construction area of 470,000 square meters, will produce 1,200 tonnes of ammonia and 1,925 tonnes of urea per day. The new facility is expected to make a major contribution to Turkmenistan’s economy.

The project is implemented in cooperation with the Kawasaki-Sojitz consortium that is responsible for the process related design and supply of the plant. SafBon Water Technology was contracted by Kawasaki to design and furnish the water treatment facility.

The project includes Clariflocculators and Dual Media Filtration as pre-treatment to the reverse osmosis system. A portion of the reverse osmosis permeate is processed through a conventional cation/anion/mixed bed demineralization system.

Major considerations in the treatment system design were the extreme ambient temperatures of +48 C to -25 C and the attention to detail necessary for successful project completion in remote locations.

Summary of Performance data:

Parameter Raw Water RO Permeate Demin Water
Flow 1200 l/h 915 l/h 533 l/h
TDS < 1100 mg/l 13 mg/l < 0.1 mg/l
TSS < 700 mg/l N/D * N/D *
Silica 22 mg/l <0.6 mg/l/td> 2.2 ppb
* N/D Non detectable

SWT is proud to be associated with this project and the team of professionals at Kawasaki. The plant was successfully handed over to the client and is in full commercial operation.

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