Discover the KWI products – the most complete DAF clarifiers range

SafBon Water Technology is offering dissolved air flotation (DAF) systems designed and manufactured by KWI International. KWI is a leader in the DAF market with more than 11 dissolved air flotation equipment offerings and has the most complete and widest range of DAF products of any DAF provider globally. Such a diverse product offering, coupled with accurate and experienced design engineering, delivered via quality manufacturing and supported by excellent customer support, has consistently allowed KWI to meet all the needs of our customers and be one of the world’s leading suppliers for DAF solutions.

KWI boosts more than 5,400 installations globally, supplying 7,400 units. KWI units are installed and in operation in food and beverage, pulp and paper, municipal, and oil and gas facilities.

Dissolved air flotation – providing excellent liquid-solid separation

DAF is a process that uses microbubbles to clarify water and separate solids or oil and grease. It can be used on industrial or municipal wastewater, in biological treatments, to produce drinking water, in many food & beverage applications, and as pretreatment to reverse osmosis systems.

Particles or liquids less dense than water such as oils, fats, and greases (FOG) will naturally rise, but also particles denser than water can be made to float. Once the particles have been floated to the surface, a skimming process can collect them and remove them from the surface of the DAF clarifier.

Dissolved air flotation finished in saudi arabia

The main advantage of dissolved air flotation over sedimentation is the space required to install the plant and subsequently the installation cost. DAF has a distinct advantage in those applications where suspended particles tend to try and float naturally or take a long time to settle. Very small or light particles that otherwise would settle slowly can be removed more completely and in a shorter time period.

Both horizontal and vertical systems are offered by KWI to completely fit the needs of the client. The patented air dissolved reactor (ADR) has a vertical arrangement and offers short retention times for small volume flows. The benefit of this system is there are no undissolved air losses at the outlet, a high saturation capacity and it very well suited for drinking water applications.