Main applications:

The KWI Flotofilter is suitable for waters containing significant amount of suspended solids (SS) and turbidity where a high quality treated water must be achieved.

  • Drinking water production from surface water is a typical application for the Flotofilter technology. During the warm season these waters might contain a significant amount of algae and organic mater that is particularly difficult to separate by sedimentation. Dissolved air flotation technology gives excellent clarification efficiency before the granular media filtration step.White water clarification and fibre recovery in the paper industry.
  • Drinking water production from borehole water might also require a first clarification step before sand filtration to prevent occasional increase in the turbidity and extend the operation cycle of the sand filters.
  • Tertiary treatment for hard COD and phosphorus removal.

Like the Klaricell, the Flotofilter performs a two-stage clarification process in one single tank. It combines two perfectly complementary water purification technologies:

  • dissolved air flotation (DAF) clarification, perfect for removal of significant amount of suspended solids (SS), but giving relatively poor degree of clarification in the low concentrations range
  • double granular media (sand / anthracite) filtration, perfect for achieving excellent filtered water quality, but accepting only low SS loading

Typically the Flotofilter technology is used in multiple cells in order to provide continuous operation of the plant. Thus, each single cell can be isolated individually for backwashing without significantly overloading the other cells by the additional flow they receive during the backwash of the cell.