SafBon Water Technology (SWT) offers proven, state-of-the-art industrial wastewater treatment systems that are custom designed for each application. Our systems integrate physical, chemical, and biological processes such as oil-water separators, dissolved air flotation (DAF), clarification, filtration, and sludge handling technologies. The treated water can be utilized for internal reuse purposes or to meet the site discharge water quality requirements.

Membrane Bioreactor Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Membrane bioreactors (MBR) provide the advantages of a smaller footprint and higher quality effluent compared to conventional waste treatment. In conventional waste treatment applications, it is generally accepted that a secondary process of filtration, following biological treatment is required to polish the effluent to standards required for human contact or to suit industrial reuse process water standards. The integration of the membrane process with biological treatment replaces the clarification process with a technologically advanced membrane process to ensure that the quality standards are met or exceeded.

SWT offers the most advanced MBR systems, using both polymeric and ceramic membranes, also offering low energy profile systems to enhance the operational cost of our processes.

Oil-Water Separation

Oily water separation is critical during industrial wastewater treatment and is generally employed as a process step in front of other technologies, such as DAF and membrane systems to enable those downstream processes to operate at optimum performance rates. The hydrocarbon and chemical processing industries conventionally use oil-water separation to remove oil and suspended solids from wastewater effluents.

SWT has provided API separators, CPI separators, DAF, and membrane-based oil-water separation systems to various industries including the integration of other processes to meet the treatment goals dictated by our clients.

Industrial Wastewater Treatment: Sludge Handling

Most industrial processes that employ oil-water separation, DAF, physical-chemical treatment, or clarification require a sludge handling technology to reduce the quantity of water requiring off-site disposal. This technology generally includes chemical conditioning followed by sludge thickening and either filter presses or centrifuges to produce a solid sludge cake for disposal. The water extracted from the sludge handling process is generally recovered and returned to the head of the process for re-treatment.

Safbon Water Technology has designed and supplied sludge handling facilities for several industrial and municipal applications where water reuse and/or ZLD becomes a priority in the owner’s process requirements or due to regulatory limitations on liquid discharge.

Biological Treatment

In addition to conventional biological treatment for sanitary water treatment applications, this process is also employed to treat specific contaminants in industrial water applications. Each biological treatment process is custom designed for industrial use. For sanitary wastewater applications standard biological processes are available including that required for MBR applications.

Industrial Wastewater Treatment Solutions

SafBon Water Technology, Inc (SWT) is a global integrated solutions provider for advanced water and wastewater treatment systems. As a part of SafBon, our dynamic company has over 30 years of experience in the water and wastewater treatment market with unmatched engineering capabilities.