Lime Technology

Responding to the water reuse policy advocated by Chinese National Development and Reform Commission, SafBon has actively promoted its automated lime dosing technology. There are many tough problems in conventional lime dosing processes:

  • Lime powder flying
  • Excess sludge
  • Bad waste discharging condition
  • Hopper rat-holing
  • Arching and bridging
  • Bad transportation condition
  • Difficulty in metering.

SafBon automated lime dosing technology, including automated powdered lime storage, metering and preparation system, solves all the problems mentioned above.

As a result, this conventional technology became a leading one. This evolved and developed lime treatment technology by SafBon is a reflection of the Chinese sustainable development strategy, in which waste is minimized and neither contaminates the environment. The lime material can be available easily and economically locally. Considering the lower cost and excellent treatment results, the technology outperforms other chemical methods.

Powdered Chemical Feeding System

SafBon has been leading the China chemical industry, is an editor of “Automated dosing set with regards to hydrated lime milk preparation” part in China chemical industry standards. The system combines the bin activator, volumetric feeder screw and cylindrical silo, which is extensively used in the applications such as reclaimed water lime treatment, the municipal industry, the chemical industry, the food industry, the medicine industry, the coal to oil conversion industry, the metallurgy industry and the power industry.

Volumetric Feeder Screw

Track Record

SafBon has delivered more than 30 systems of reclaimed water treatment, using the automated lime dosing system for power plants, as well as more than 10 reclaimed water treatments EPC (Engineering-Procurement-Construction) projects. In addition, SafBon continues to provide wastewater desulfurized treatment systems for engineering companies.