MBCR Container, MBR with Ceramic Membrane

Packaged Sewage Treatment with the MBCR Container, Moving Bed Ceramic Reactor

ItN Nanovation’s MBCR filtration container is a complete mobile solution for treating municipal sewage or similarly waste streams.

It combines a biological treatment process based on MBBR technology following by ceramic membrane, ceramic ultrafiltration step.

Offering an unprecedented efficient sewage treatment process with final robust and reliable disinfection step, this system has been developed and is being produced for sale by ItN. It is accompanied by state-of-the-art monitoring and control technologies, and ensures an easy handling and a fast and cost-efficient installation period on site.


  • Municipal Wastewater Treatment with Ceramic Membrane
  • Greywater Treatment by Ceramic UF
  • Industrial Wastewater Treatment by Ceramic UF

Quick facts

  • Sewage treatment plant for 400 to 5,000 population equivalents
  • Moving Bed Ceramic Reactor (MBCR) – The advanced process combination
  • Compact plug & play design
  • Containerized comprehensive solution

Product Advantages

  • Compact plug & play design
  • Containerized comprehensive solution
  • Simple, safe, trouble-free and continuous operation of the system

Target Contaminants

  • Ammonium, NH4+
  • TSS
  • Bacteria
  • Nitrate, NO3-

The MBCR Filtration Container has been developed for a reliable and cost-saving sewage treatment for reuse purposes like irrigation, flushing water,etc.

The MBCR Filtration Container can be integrated into existing treatment systems or be used as stand-alone solution.

The plug & play design makes commissioning fast and less complicated.

Typical Process in Conventional Wastewater Treatment Plants

mbcr container

ItN´s advanced Process Solution with the MBCR Container

mbcr container