MBR for Municipal & Industrial Wastewater with ItN Ceramic Membrane

By October 15, 2018ItN, News
Industrial wastewater samples

ItN offers robust optimized MBR systems with submerged Ceramic UltraFiltration Flatsheet Membranes, CFM Systems®, with long lifespans for suitable industrial wastewater and municipal wastewater treatment.

The oldest project of ItN MBR Systems is running since 2007 without changing any module and 99.9 % regeneration of Ceramic Flat Membrane, CFM Systems®.

The modern ceramic MBR design which uses pre-fabricated electro-mechanical and control equipment allows for a fast and cost-efficient on-site installation period. The modular process with our ceramic filtration trains ensures an optimized operation during dry weather or highest stormwater scenarios. An intermittent air scouring of the ceramic flat membranes is energy efficient while maintaining flux.

CFM Systems® offers:

  • High life time of system: +10 years
  • Treatment and removal of COD/BOD, nitrogen, phosphorus
  • Low energy consumption
  • MBR Systems for large-scale projects
  • MBCR system & container for municipal sewage and greywater treatment in flexible package for 400 to 5,000 population
  • Minimum OPEX
  • Low chemical cleaning required, minimum CIP
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ItN Ceramic Membrane Kopie
Industrial wastewater treatment
ItN Ceramic Membrane Kopie
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