SafBon Water Technology (SWT) systems can be utilized by a large range of other industries. Any process that uses water and generates waste will have the need for a treatment system. SWT can address the most challenging of treatment schemes and provide an integrated design to meet all the required water quality levels throughout a facility. We have the expertise, engineering resources and global presence to provide custom engineered equipment and services for our customers.

From agricultural, hospitality, fertilizer, cement, or food and beverage production; SWT can deliver the optimal custom-built solution.

our projects

Ammonia and Urea Plants –Fertilizer Project

  • Owner: State Concern “Turkmenhimiya”
  • Client: Kawasaki Heavy Industries Co.
  • Location: Mary, Turkmenistan
  • Capacity: Demin: 3.4 MGD; RO: 20 MGD
  • Start-up: 2014
  • Application: Other industry; boiler feed; demineralization; mixed bed DI; clarification; reverse osmosis (BWRO)
our projects

Saudi Elastomers Project (SEP) -U&O/CB & MTBE Decomposition Facilities

  • Owner: Al-jubail Petrochemical Company
  • Client: Daelim Industrial Co, Ltd.
  • Location: Al-Jubail, Saudi Arabia
  • Capacity: Demin: 11,040 m3/d; MBR: 871 m3/d
  • Start-up: 2015
  • Application: Hydrochemical processing (HPI): boiler feed; wastewater treatment (WWT)
  • Solutions:Demineralization; membrane bioreactor (MBR); reverse osmosis (BWRO); brine concentration
our projects

Gulf Cement Company – Boiler Feed Water System

  • Owner: PROTEC
  • Client: PROTEC
  • Location: Qatar, UAE
  • Capacity: 2,500 m3/d
  • Start-up: 2009
  • Application: Other industry;
    industrial water treatment; seawater RO; media filtration
  • Solutions:Seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO); media filtration