At SafBon Water Technology (SWT) we have built a solid reputation for excellence as a total solution provider for water and wastewater treatment projects. Our unparalleled expertise in membrane technologies, such as polymeric and ceramic ultrafiltration, and reverse osmosis, our knowledge of physical-chemical treatment of water and wastewater techniques and our ability to engineer complete solutions from inlet to outlet, gives us a unique position in the global water industry.

Our impressive portfolio of successful water and wastewater treatment projects developed over the years include systems for all types of industries, serving clients in public and private sectors, both in the domestic and international markets. As a project partner, we offer a diverse range of services to assist in the completion of any plant construction or expansion, on time, on budget, and utilizing the most advanced technologies available.

SWT projects range in size from $500,000 systems to complex projects with multiple treatment processes and a project value in excess of $25 million dollars. We are highly trusted by our clients to manage and provide integrated solutions for exceedingly complex and challenging projects.

SafBon Water Technology is creating solutions through partnership and technology.

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