Project Overview

  • Project: Milpo Cerro Lindo -Expansion II_Equipment & Services
  • Owner: Compañía Minera Milpo S.A.A.
  • Client: Same
  • Location: Peru
  • Capacity: 60 l/s
  • Start-up: 2008, 2013, 2016 (Project in three phases)
  • Application: Mining; industrial water treatment; seawater reverse osmosis

SWT performed detailed engineering, manufactured, and supplied the desalination plant. SWT was awarded the original plant design and then two additional expansion to the system. After all plant expansions, the plant will have five SWRO trains rated to produce 1036.8 m3/d (12 l/s) each, a total of 5184.0 m3/d (60 l/s) at 40% recovery. The turnkey, design-build contract also included testing, commissioning, start-up and owner training. The permeate water will be used for mining operations and as potable water on site.

Original Plant

  • Turnkey, design-build contract
  • Multi-media filters
  • Three SWRO trains (A,B.C)
  • Remineralization system
  • Instrumentation & controls
  • Site work, building, intake/outfall, utilities, & yard piping

Expansion I & II

  • One containerized SWRO (train D) and one stand alone SWRO with ERD and booster pump
  • Multi-media filters
  • One UF system, sized to feed two SWRO trains
  • Instrumentation & controls
  • CIP/flushing and chemical systems