Project Overview

SWT was selected as the supplier for this massive expansion and fabricated all the trains in our US based manufacturing facility using a modular design approach. The contract included the engineering, fabrication and delivery of the first pass seawater RO train G and the second pass brackish water RO for trains G and H. SWT provided systems that would integrate into the owner’s existing plant and utilize the existing CIP system.

For the SWRO system SWT supplied twenty-one full frames complete with multiport pressure vessels and piping. The BWRO equipment supplied consisted of eighteen prefabricated frames with pressure vessels and piping.  Scope of supply also included all train mounted valves and instruments as well as field services for installation supervision and commissioning.

The modular design approach allows for very large capacity RO trains to be broken up into modular blocks that are shop assembled, shipped assembled and then bolted in place together on site. This approach shifts many of the risks and unknowns on a construction job to a controlled, highly skilled, show environment. Labor and time and thus money is saved on any size project by taking this approach.