Project Overview

This unique project demonstrates a public-private utility partnership and reduces treated wastewater released into the environment and diverts the flow to power plant for treatment. The treated wastewater from the local municipality is reclaimed and used as the feedwater to the Reverse Osmosis (RO) System to produce water for the cooling towers and high quality make-up water for the power station.

SWT provided the design, fabrication, delivery and installation supervision of three brackish water RO trains. The design was unique in that the trains were designed to be all shop fabricated in a block design. The three stages of the train where separated into two blocks, shipped to site, bolted together and pipe headers joined by couplings. This greatly reduced the site construction and made for smooth commissioning. All chemical feed systems, local controls, CIP system, and instrumentation were supplied. We provided testing, start-up and owner training.

SWT continues to work with the owners to assist them in improving the pretreatment process to achieve better TOC reduction and minimizing/elimination of biofouling.

The overview of the treatment process explained by Polk Power Station superintendent. Video produced by Tampa Electric.

Tampa Electric’s Regional Reclaimed Water project overview and partners. Video produced by Tampa Electric.