Industries and public entities are dealing with aging equipment and infrastructure across the globe. Technology and efficiency of pumps, membranes and energy recovery devices have evolved. SafBon Water Technology (SWT) can help identify areas in an existing system that can be modified and improved upon to achieve a reduction in energy consumption, increased output and ease of operation.

As production expands or regulations change there is often a need to increase wastewater treatment, produce more high purity water for consumption or reuse more water within facility. SWT has the experience to evaluate the current plant operating parameters and design additional systems to add on to existing equipment in order to meet the goals of the client. These are specialized approaches we take to an operating plant where we involve our process and mechanical engineers as well as our field service technicians and project managers to ensure we are taking all aspects of the process into account and work together to plan how to successfully integrate a new design.

  • Vessel and membrane replacements for reverse osmosis and nanofiltration
  • MF/UF module replacement
  • Piping change out and replacement
  • Instrumentation and control upgrades and HMI interfacing
  • Addition and integration of energy recovery turbines and interstage boost pumps
  • Addition of prefiltration or post treatment systems
retrofits & expansions
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