SafBon Water Service (Holding) Inc., Shanghai, is a public listed company (Stock code: 300262). SafBon is an investor, planning, design, construction and service provider in environment and energy fields over the past twenty years. Our business covers four main sectors: industrial wastewater treatment, municipal water treatment, solid waste treatment, gas regulator station and distributed energy. We can provide a full range of services, from technology research and development, system engineering, integration, installation and commissioning. Our product delivery models include EPC, BT, BOT and PPP.

SafBon Mission

SafBon shall strive to achieve excellence and become the global experts in water and environmental treatment industry while improving the environment for everyone.

Over two decades of experience has shaped SafBon’s current business patterns and models, featuring diversified technical schemes, multiple product categories and various industrial applications. With the emerging needs of the Chinese and the global market, SafBon has made significant breakthroughs in dual water supply to central municipal area (potable water), sludge drying synergized with power generation, and hazardous waste treatment.

Technology innovation has been the leading corporate strategy of SafBon. We have 75 national patents and 38 authorizations in China. We have made significant efforts in the industrialization and application of new or upgraded technologies.

The technologies we have developed include:

  • bullet droplet blue md Advanced treatment of potable water
  • bullet droplet blue md Seawater desalination
  • bullet droplet blue md Thin film sludge drying
  • bullet droplet blue md Reclaimed wastewater treatment
  • bullet droplet blue md Treatment of wastewater with high concentration of refractory organics
  • bullet droplet blue md High-tower condensate polishing
  • bullet droplet blue md Powdered resin condensate polishing
  • bullet droplet blue md Natural gas regulation
  • bullet droplet blue md Distributed energy
  • bullet droplet blue md Oil water separation
  • bullet droplet blue md Lime milk production
  • bullet droplet blue md Microfiltration with fine diatomite

Through a series of mergers and acquisitions of European and American enterprises, leading advanced environmental technologies and capabilities have been introduced to SafBon, completing their environmental value chain service offering. At present, SafBon has acquired KWI International Environmental Treatment GmbH, ItN Nanovation AG and Doosan Hydro Technology, Ltd, now named SafBon Water Technologies. SafBon is also the second largest shareholder of AquaSwiss AG. These innovative and leading enterprises bring new products, technologies, human talent and market channels to SafBon who is on a globalization mission.

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