Saudi Arabia Sulfate Reduction Project in Progress by SWT

By December 14, 2017News

June 2017, SafBon Water Technology (SWT) was contracted by Amec Foster Wheeler Energy Ltd (now Wood) to supply the seawater nanofiltration package for the Sulfate Removal Facilities (SRF) Project located in Saudi Arabia. This system will treat seawater for use at an oil field seawater injection facility and produce a very high quality permeate water.

“This is one of the most prestigious projects awarded to our company in our 30-year history. We are extremely proud to have such a large and important project as part of our portfolio,” says SWT CEO, Chris Claessen.

The purpose of SRF project is to provide a seawater sulfate removal facility to prevent reservoir scale from plugging the facility’s reservoirs. The scope of SWT includes: cartridge filters, feed pumps, two-stage nanofiltration (NF) system, single-stage reverse osmosis (RO) system, chemical dosing systems, cleaning-in-place system, flushing pumps, instrumentation & control, as well as ancillary systems/equipment.

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