SWT Pilots MBR on Textile Wastewater in Latin America

By May 18, 2018News

MBR pilot 1MBR pilotTextile water samplesSWT is in the process of commissioning our membrane bioreactor (MBR) pilot system at a textile factory in Latin America.  The 30 m3/day pilot system uses submerged hollow fiber membranes to reduce high colloidal material, COD and color from the client’s produced effluent. The pilot study will allow us to confirm influent and effluent specifications, optimize engineering design and demonstrate the technology. This project is highly challenging because of the extremely high temperature of the incoming sludge and the fibers present.

The client has two existing conventional biological wastewater treatment systems that treat 10,000 m3/day. They have a need to expand capacity and improve system efficiency.

By retrofitting the conventional biological system to MBR, the client is expected to benefit by:

  • Having a smaller footprint compared with conventional expansion
  • Consistent water quality with lower operating expenses through reduced power consumption and consumption of oxygen in the post treatment ozone process
  • Overall system reliability with efficient nutrient removal
  • Ability to have modular future expansions

SWT offers the most advanced MBR systems, using both polymeric and ceramic membranes, also offering low energy profile systems to enhance the operational cost of our processes.


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