SWT Shipping Recycled Wastewater Treatment System to Puerto Rico

By January 31, 2018News

ultrafiltration After much delay from Hurricane Maria, SWT is shipping the ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis system to San Juan, Puerto Rico. January, 2017 SWT was awarded a contract by Engineering Services International for design and supply of the Advanced Water Treatment System for Puerto Rico Electric Authority (PREPA) at their San Juan Steam Plant. The system will produce high quality, low TDS water using potable city water and recycled wastewater from the power plant. The project includes two different ultrafiltration systems, two reverse osmosis trains and all ancillary flushing, cleaning, chemical dosing and control systems.


The system will treat 2.62 million gallons per day of city water  and  power plant wastewater. This design allows the client to recover wastewater previously disposed of and recycle it to the front of their plant using chemically enhanced coagulation, ultrafiltration and a polishing reverse osmosis step. The final 1.72 MGD permeate will feed the existing demineralization system at the San Juan plant.


reverse osmosis treatment systemsrecycled water Wastewater Treatment System








Though the project delivery was planned for September 2017, shipping has been delayed due to the catastrophic damage left by Hurricane Maria. The San Juan Steam Plant did not sustain damage but the transmission lines required complete replacements.


During January 2018, the units successfully passed factory acceptance testing and they were cleared for shipping. SWT is now preparing all the skids, panels, piping manifolds and components for shipping to Puerto Rico. SWT engineers and technicians will supervise installation and provide commissioning and start-up services. This project is one more step on Puerto Rico’s road to recovery after Hurricane Maria.

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