SWT Showcases New Products on SafBonWater.com

By October 17, 2017News

SafBon Water Technology (SWT) unveiled our new company website upon it’s completion in October 2017. This site has a new sleek design and allows visitors to learn about all the advanced treatment solutions provided by SWT, request information and service and learn about the affiliate companies under the SafBon brand.

To learn about the companies under the SafBon brand visit www.SafBon.com.

It also features information on new products not previously offered by SWT when they operated under their previous company name, Doosan Hydro Technolgoy. These include ceramic ultrafiltration systems, containerized wastewater treatment systems utilizing moving bed ceramic reactors, and condensate polishing systems. SWT will incorporate these systems into our integrated treatment designs.

The website also features the award winning and outstanding projects SWT has delivered in various industries over the last ten years of our 30 year history. SWT has completed complex, custom engineered water and wastewater treatment projects providing drinking and process water in municipal and industrial sectors all around the world.

The website can be visited at www.SafBonWater.com and for more information on our projects and solutions call 813-549-0182.

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