Ultrafiltration Membrane

ItN’s Ultrafiltration membranes are Ceramic Flat Membranes with an average pore size of 0.2 µm, which are designed in a very compact UF module and can eliminate TSS, Bacteria, Algae, Red Tide, Oil & Grease/Hydrocarbons, TOC/COD. ItN has developed many patented processes, which offers complete solutions combined with ultrafiltration membranes and can remove heavy metal and toxic material as radium, arsenic and cyanide from water or sewages.


  • Drinking Water, Ceramic Ultrafiltration
  • RO & Sea Water Pretreatment, Ceramic Membrane
  • Municipal Wastewater Treatment with Ceramic Membrane
  • Arsenic Removal with Ceramic UF
  • Greywater Treatment by Ceramic UF
  • Industrial Wastewater Treatment by Ceramic UF
  • Radium Removal with Ceramic Membrane
  • Disinfection & Dechlorination via Ceramic Membrane

Product Advantages

  • High performances
  • Higher flux rate per m² of membrane surface
  • More than 98% recovery rate
  • Less Backwash
  • Less chemical cleaning
  • Minimum OPEX
  • No capacity limit
  • Superior mechanical, thermal and chemical durability
  • Long membrane life time
  • Easily sizable from small test and mobile units to large scale industrial facilities