Use of Ceramic Flat Sheet UF Membranes on Electroplating Waste

By October 15, 2018ItN, News
FSC wastewater treatment

The Ceramic Flat Sheet UF Membranes of ItN Nanovation, Safbon’s Germany subsidiary, has achieved outstanding results in the pilot experiment of the high-difficult wastewater treatment for an electroplating park. The ItN flat ceramic membrane has been successfully applied in the MBR pilot program a metal plating facility.

The ItN ceramic UF membrane has a unique nano-coating technology that has the function of anti-sticking and anti-clogging, which solves the drawbacks brought by adding MBR (organic film) technology to the electroplating wastewater treatment process previously adopted by the electroplating park.

According to previous data from projects in Europe and the Middle East, the ceramic flat film can run smoothly for 12-16 years. The success of this pilot-scale test verifies the application prospects of ItN ceramic membrane technology in electroplating wastewater treatment. We are confident to provide a perfect solution for similar global projects.

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